Vayishlach: Chapter 30

"You are my hiding place"


Rabbi Elazar explains the terms, "hiding place," "adversary," and "songs of deliverance." All the songs and hymns of David, we learn, contain profound allusions to Wisdom, because they were composed with the direct inspiration of God. Rabbi Elazar then discusses the meaning of the verse, "You did push me hard ..." David addressed these words to the Other Side, which presses man to turn away from God. As David knew well, God protects those who guard against the Evil Inclination.


King David was a brave and valiant warrior by daylight and a profound mystic during the hours of moonlight. Spiritually, David waged war and conquered the Evil Inclination within himself. This is the decisive battleground where the greatest of wars and conflicts unfold. Employing the mystical wisdom of Kabbalah, David skillfully wielded the power of the Light and thus triumphed over the forces of Darkness. his spiritual might and courage is instilled within us by these ancient verses. Moreover, the Light of David empowers our prayers, securing for us greater protection against the internal forces of evil, and increasing the Light that pours into our lives, and hence, into the world.