Vayishlach: Chapter 6

"Let me go, for the day breaks"


Rabbi Yehuda begins this discussion by quoting the verse, "who is she that looks out like the dawn ..." to describe the process of raising the children of Yisrael out of Exile. This redemption, we are told, shall be accomplished gradually, as an illumination that increases measure by measure. This is matched by a decrease in the illumination and strength of Esau, until Esau is completely destroyed. After the children of Yisrael are raised from Exile, they will wonder with sorrow at all they endured, just as, at daybreak, Jacob was filled with pain and sorrow for what he suffered in his struggle with Esau.


Spiritual development arouses goodness and Light in our lives, but not through the pursuit of fulfillment or the search for happiness. Rather, it is achieved through the work of confronting our internal demons and negative traits. These dark forces are like a curtain dimming and blocking the Light. As we peruse these verses, the negative forces are diminished, the curtain gradually opens, and the Light of Creation illuminates our lives.