Yitro: Chapter 35

"You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery"


This section tells us that in specific instances killing may be prohibited or permitted, in order to kill those who transgress the law. Intercourse may be prohibited or allowed for correct reasons like procreation. The text goes on to tell how the tonal pause in each commandment allows for the possibility of prohibition or permission under certain circumstances. However, "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" is always forbidden. "You shall not covet" is always forbidden except for the desire of the Torah. In truth, the Ten Utterances contain the essence of all celestial and terrestrial commandments, and through their engraving on the tablets of stone they were revealed to all the children of Yisrael. At that time the bodies of the children of Yisrael became lucent, with no impurity, and their souls were bright as they beheld the glory of their Master. The Holy One, blessed be He, was made known both above and below, and He was exalted over all.