Acharei Mot: Chapter 24

The singers Heiman, Yedutun and Asaf


Rabbi Yehuda says there are thousands of singers that sing to God with the first light of day, and thousands more with the first light of the moon, and thousands more at twilight. Rabbi Yosi elaborates on this by saying that with the first light of day judgment is stilled, so they all say words of praise. The morning is of Abraham, Chesed. Rabbi Yosi goes on to tell about what happens at twilight, when Isaac judges the wicked, and what happens after midnight. Additional information is given about the rulers who awaken above and below, Heiman and Yedutun. With the arrival of night everything is stilled and the opening in the door is not to be found. After midnight, Asaf is appointed above and below. When morning comes, Metatron arises, and this is a time of goodwill when Zeir Anpin talks with the Queen. Then Zeir Anpin extends a thread of blessing over her and over all who study the Torah.