Acharei Mot: Chapter 25

Yud Hei Vav Hei with the vowelization of Elohim


Rabbi Elazar asks his father why, when Elohim always denotes judgment, Yud Hei Vav Hei should ever be pronounced with the vowels of Elohim. Rabbi Shimon says that he knows that there may sometimes be judgment where there is mercy, and vice versa, and when the wicked convert mercy to judgment then it is read 'Elohim.' We are told in detail of the three grades that are called with names of judgment, Binah, Gvurah and Malchut. The level of Binah is called Yud Hei Vav Hei with the vowelization of Elohim; the level of Gvurah is pronounced also with the lettering of Elohim; and the level of Malchut is pronounced Adonai, within which are the letters of judgment, Din.