Bechukotai: Chapter 7

"And I will give you peace in the land"


Rabbi Yosi says that a man lying in his bed at night should not speak about the demons that roam around seeking judgment. He tells us that when the children of Yisrael are found to be meritorious. God gives them peace in the land. Rabbi Aba talks about the fact that when the leader is good the whole world is saved because of his merit, and yet Josiah was killed even though he was a worthy leader who had done honest deeds. Rabbi Shimon says that was a result of Josiah's disbelief of Jeremiah's warnings and his failure to admonish Yisrael to repent. Rabbi Aba says that the Shechinah went into exile with Yisrael and was God's pledge to them. When He will ask for His pledge back He will come to live with Yisrael. Rabbi Yehuda speaks about Moses taking the Tent and pitching it outside the camp, and Rabbi Shimon explains to him that meant that the Tent of Meeting, that was the Shechinah, should be kept in the hands of a trustee until it was known who should keep it, Yisrael having been false to God with the creation of the Golden Calf. God made Joshua the trusted one who was worthy of guarding the pledge. In spite of the fact that Yisrael sinned, God did not remove His pledge from them and they did not forsake His pledge. Rabbi Yitzchak says that God still watches them and sees them in their synagogues and schools.