Chayei Sarah: Chapter 2

And Dumah rises, and receives the reckoning


The Zohar describes disturbing details concerning the fate awaiting the wicked at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead, emphasizing the urgent need for all of us to replace our bad deeds with good ones immediately.


Intellectual blockages in our consciousness prevent us from completely accepting and beholding the truth of the World to Come and the gravity of our erring actions. Though we might accept the notion of a Creator and other spiritual principles on a purely intellectual level, internalizing and living these truths is a much more difficult task, and the basis of our spiritual work. The intent of this passage is to remove impediments and doubts, opening our eyes to spiritual truths and stimulating greater awareness. As we become more devout in our pursuit of righteousness, the desire to replace our bad actions with good ones becomes an intrinsic part of our nature. This process is furthered by the Light emanating from this portion.