Chayei Sarah: Chapter 3

"He who tills a field is a king"


There is a hidden meaning in the mention of Sarah's exact life span in the Torah, for such details are given for no other woman - nor does any other woman have a portion of the scriptures devoted to her name, as Sarah does. The Zohar points out and explains the symbols employed in passages concerning Sarah, and it examines the meaning of various statements that cannot be unlocked without the key of Kabbalah. We learn that, like Abraham, Sarah in no way clung to negative inclinations, and thus earned supernal life for herself, her husband, and later, her son.


Man, on his own, does not possess the inner power necessary to eradicate the dark side of his nature. Scriptural giants like Abraham and Sarah, however, are generators of sufficient spiritual force to overcome the Evil Inclination. Their existence in this physical realm and their presence in the Torah serve as a wellspring of this energy, from which all generations can draw. Sarah's grace and godliness, together with the energy of supernal life, reach us through the medium of the Aramaic words comprising this passage.