Chukat: Chapter 11

The well


We hear an elaboration of the letters of 'she' and 'he' and the places where masculine and feminine are referred to in regard to the well. Rabbi Shimon says that the spirit in the water is the Holy Spirit that elevates Mayin Nukvin so that the waters will flow. The important point is that in everything there is a requirement to arouse something from below by action or speech, or to indicate and display some similarity to the act, and then the arousal from above will take place. Rabbi Shimon talks about the well being divided into thirteen streams and overflowing in all directions so that all of Yisrael could be sustained. We learn that most people do not know how to call upon God in Truth and arouse actions above, and that God is only near to those who do. The children of Yisrael said things which were matters of Truth in order to arouse the well; even sorcerers have to say some truth in order to awaken actions. Rabbi Shimon says the difference between most people and the Righteous is that the Righteous know the essence of words and actions, and they know how to direct their hearts and desires to God more than those who are not as knowledgeable; they draw blessings from the area of thought, that is Chochmah. When they call on God He is ready for them, and when they are in distress He is with them. He honors them in this world and in the World to Come.