Lech Lecha: Chapter 14
"And it came to pass, when Abraham came to Egypt"

The Zohar explores the Biblical story in which Sarah, the wife of the patriarch Abraham, is abducted by the King of Egypt. Abraham and Sarah are able to take control over the King, utilizing the tools of the Torah. This event held cosmic significance for future generations. This action of gaining control over the King of Egypt and the negative cosmic forces that he represents, created the means that would be utilized again, five generations later, when the Israelites were freed from bondage in Egypt. The Zohar is demonstrating how man often fails to perceive all the influences and effects that unfold as a result every action we perform.


In reality, hardships in life are merely minor interference patterns in comparison to the eternal fulfillment and reality that is ours after we complete our spiritual transformation. We gain the ability to perceive the larger picture when obstacles and difficulties arise in our life. An appreciation for the inevitable consequences that are attached to all of our actions is stimulated within our consciousness.