Lech Lecha: Chapter 17
"With my soul have I desired you in the night"

Ancient mysteries pertaining to the soul's activities during the night are unveiled by the Zohar. During sleep, people who have made a sincere attempt at spiritual growth and positive change during the day will see their souls elevate to the highest of heights in the spiritual atmosphere during the night. These souls are given a window through which they can perceive the future. Conversely, those who remain spiritually complacent, who have no regard or care for positive deeds and spiritual growth, their souls elevate, but are immediately engulfed by negative forces.


When we awaken in the morning, if our soul ascended to great heights during the night, our sense of intuition and foresight is acutely enhanced. We make the right decisions as we are guided by our intuition. If, however, our souls are enveloped by negative forces, these entities whisper lies and speak falsehoods to our soul. These words of deception distort a person's reality during the day, so that life appears even more confusing, more chaotic. We find ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Our thoughts, ideas, and decisions lead us down the wrong path. The verses of the Zohar can help us apply our sleep as a powerful tool that can help our soul elevate to great heights during the night.