Lech Lecha: Chapter 21
"And Hashem said to Abraham after Lot was separated from him"

Progressing from the previous section, the Zohar reveals how Abraham the Patriarch prepared and readied himself to receive the Light of the Creator after disconnecting himself from the negative influences of his nephew Lot.


This portion illustrates the importance of preparing ourselves, both spiritually and physically, for the Light of Creator to rest upon us. This preparation process is referred to as "building one's Vessel." Without a Vessel, the Light of the Creator cannot be revealed. This important Kabbalistic principle is clarified by an analogy: The sun requires a physical object, a vessel to reflect, and thus, reveal its light. In like manner, the Light of the Creator requires a Vessel in order to illuminate our physical world. These sacred verses assist us in the building of our own Vessel so that spiritual Light can illuminate the dark areas of our life.