Lech Lecha: Chapter 31
"For who is El...and who is a rock, save our Elohim"

Every human being is a microcosm of the entire universe. Just as every human cell of the body contains the entire genetic code, each of us contains the entire universe within our soul. We are all individual cells of the cosmos. Accordingly, our influence extends throughout the entire universe. Each part contains the whole, and therefore each part affects the whole. When the Zohar tells us that Adam saw all the souls who would ever come into existence, we are meant to understand that each of us has a definite purpose and role in the world that was known from the moment of creation.


Each individual existence has unique importance and purpose in the overall design and development of the universe. Through these passages, true understanding of our power and influence in this world is aroused within us. We gain awareness of the value and magnitude of every action. Moreover, we connect ourselves to our personal mission that was set forth at the moment of creation.