Miketz: Chapter 8

"And Joseph recognized his brothers"


The Zohar examines the nature of fear and sin, and tells us that negative sexual activity and masturbation lead to negativity and ruin. Fear and sin, it claims, allows our enemies to behave like Joseph's brothers and gives them an opportunity to punish us without mercy.


A man's seminal fluids are the closest reflection of The Creator's essence in the physical world. For this reason, a man's seed brings forth life and generates profound pleasure, both of which are attributes of the Divine. However, negative forces, here to test and challenge us, need their own sustenance of Light, which they retrieve when a man wantonly spills his seed. Keeping our sexual relations within the spiritual boundaries of marriage - for the purpose of sharing with our spouse and for bringing new life into the world - protects the Light from the onslaughts of the Other Side. The result is greater fulfillment and pleasure in every area of life.