Miketz: Chapter 9

"And Joseph remembered the dreams"


The commentators stress the importance of remembering one's dreams and presenting them to a sympathetic audience of friends in order to obtain a favorable interpretation. The necessity of obeying every last precept of the Torah is also discussed. The rabbis use the example of King Solomon, who ruined his posterity by disobeying the injunction against polygamy. Rabbi Yosi comments on the verse, "Treasures of wickedness profit nothing." That is to say, wealth gained in an impure manner will soon disappear, but the righteous life of Torah study endures.


Dreams can assist us in our spiritual development. However, our dreams should only be interpreted by someone who loves us, since the interpretation itself influences its physical manifestation. The Light of this passage helps bring loving people into our lives when the need for dream interpretation arises. In addition, the passage allows our dreams to be derived from the highest realms of the spiritual atmosphere, ensuring positive and truthful messages. Pertaining to the verse "Treasures of wickedness profit nothing," the Zohar teaches us that a narcissistic, self-serving pursuit for wealth, power, and position will ultimately lead to ruin in some area of life. The influences emanating from the Aramaic verses imbue us with wisdom and strength to resist trading away life's true fulfillment - marriage, children, friendship, and spiritual fulfillment - for the fleeting pleasure of ego gratification.