Noach: Chapter 9

"For in another seven days"


Learning the words that compose these powerful verses help us understand the spiritual dangers associated with the wasting of one's sperm. The negative forces in our midst automatically attach themselves to any gateway where the greatest Light can shine. This is Yesod in the Upper World, and the sexual organ in the physical world.

The Kabbalist, however, does not consider the vague concepts of morality and codes of right and wrong as motivation for maintaining sexual relations within the spiritual confines of marriage. Rather, it is our own spiritual understanding of the metaphysical forces at work, including the laws of cause and effect, that will provide the impetus. Historically, religious and moral authorities, according to the Kabbalist, have not been granted great influence in regulating sexual relations. Instead, individual people must be empowered with knowledge that can assist them in understanding the consequences of their actions. If they are to be truly motivated, people must recognize the benefits to themselves derived from any particular spiritual action.