Pekudei: Chapter 23

"Praise Hashem from the heavens"


Rabbi Shimon talks about two of the Psalms of Praise and how they correspond to the Sfirot and the names of God and then the parts of the body. He says that "Praise Him, all His angels" refers to the two pillars Netzach and Hod that stand underneath and support the body, Tiferet. These pillars are also the secret of the angels, and the knees are the messengers. Speaking about "Praise Him, sun and moon," Rabbi Shimon tells us that the sun includes all the Sfirot of Zeir Anpin, and therefore it contains all the high stars and constellations. When it has finished shining it goes up to a high place from where Briyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah all emanate. He reveals that the stars below exist by virtue of what they can draw from the supernal pattern in Zeir Anpin, so all the stars and constellations from the highest firmament rule the world beneath them. From that high place there are levels all the way down to the stars below in this world that don't have anything under their command. Everything is ruled by the higher level.