Pekudei: Chapter 45
The chambers of holiness

Rabbi Shimon describes for us the chambers where praises to God are arranged, one of them is for words, and the is other according to the wordless desire and intention of the heart. The chambers are arranged for one purpose, and that is to unite above and below. He tells us that when Moses prayed for Yisrael he made his prayer long, for it is a prayer that ascends to Zeir Anpin, but when he prayed for his sister he made his prayer short, for it remains below. He said: "Heal her now, O El, I pray you," and did not need to pray further because he was the master of this level. Rabbi Shimon tells us that all the arrangements for the chambers were made to allow the Shechinah to live in the world.

He then discusses Adam, and the delight that he had in living in the Garden of Eden where there were seven canopies for his pleasure. He speaks of the supernal beauty that Adam could see and that refers to the seven firmaments above and below. Rabbi Shimon says to Adam that he was given both the seven supernal holy canopies that are the secret of Chassadim and the seven lower firmaments of Malchut, and that God gave him everything for his completion. He had all these things until he was driven out of the garden by being drawn to unholy desires called 'poison of asps'. After this Abraham came and repaired the world by rejoining the firmaments above and the firmaments below. We are told that the lower firmaments of Malchut are chambers for the upper firmaments of Zeir Anpin.