Pekudei: Chapter 9

"When the wicked sprout like grass"


Rabbi Aba, Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chizkiyah are studying the Torah together, and Rabbi Chizkiyah wonders why God is so patient in judging the wicked. He says that Rabbi Shimon told him this is because the judgment that God desires is a clear, loving and joyful judgment. He does not want the judgment of defilement; therefore he doesn't mix the two. He will refrain from judging the wicked until evil is lost from the World to Come. Then Rabbi Shimon talks about "When the wicked sprout like grass, and when all the workers of iniquity flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed forever," and explains that the wicked shall be severed from their roots. One more explanation of God's patience is that this world is part of the Other Side and it is opposed to the World to Come that is part of the side of holiness. One is destined for the wicked and the other for the righteous.