Pinchas: Chapter 124

Explanations of the Holy Names and appelations


Rabbi Shimon tells us the names that are applied to the Endless Light, and says that these names are a result of the creation of those creatures who can apply those names to Him. His name changes depending on the actions of those in the world; for the righteous He has the attribute of Mercy and for the wicked He has the attribute of Judgment - thus His name can be Yud Hei Vav Hei or Adonai. He is therefore called after the quality of each generation and each person, but He Himself has no specific quality or name. Rabbi Shimon says that the soul is not found in any one part of the body but is in the whole body; in just this way God is found everywhere in the world. Every single one of His names testifies that He is Master of all the worlds. We hear that every person in Yisrael inherits a world according to his level on high, as each and every righteous person has a world for himself. Lastly Rabbi Shimon concludes that the soul is like God only insofar as it rules over all parts of the body, but not in any other respect.