Pinchas: Chapter 33

Three times was David made a servant


We are told the three ways that a man must make himself a servant in terms of worship.


David, the Three Patriarchs, and Moses instill within us the three ways of being a servant in worship. In truth, our only free will in this world is to choose who will be our master - the Light of the Creator or the Satan himself. Our thoughts and our desires originate from one or the other. Our only choice is to choose which voice we shall heed. Here we choose the Light.

Just as a man's hands act synchronously with the thoughts that direct it, our actions become synchronous with the will of the Creator. Our thoughts, ideas, decisions, and actions derive solely from the Light (our soul), which leads us to endless fulfillment. This effect is extended to all mankind, so that civilization transforms into a vision and model of the Creator's radiance.