Pinchas: Chapter 34

David made himself poor, pious and a servant


We learn how David's correction of the three Columns was effected through making himself as if poor, a servant, and pious. We are told that except for Moses, there has never been anyone who could access the highest understanding, and it is even more impossible to access the highest wisdom, for it is said that a wise man is preferable to a prophet.


Meditating upon the letters Aleph Chet Dalet אחד and David's name דוד imbues our souls with a feeling of spiritual poverty. This action corrects our Left Column, the selfish Desire to Receive for the self alone. Moreover, David made himself a pious servant in order to correct the Right and Central columns, respectively. Thus, our own three Columns are rectified, freeing us eternally from the influence of the Other Side.

The Light of Binah, a realm that only Moses attained, illumines our souls. This Light bespeaks the eternal World To Come; therefore, restoration and immortality now permeate our body and soul. Darkness and disease are banished as Binah's Light gleams throughout existence. The World to Come is now!