Pinchas: Chapter 32

'Aleph Nun Yud,' and 'Vav Hei Vav'


We hear another interpretation of "Preserve my soul, for I am pious," where the esoteric meaning rests on the words 'I' and 'and He,' and whereby we see how essential it is to refrain from separating Zeir Anpin and Malchut. This is because I and He are one, without distinction. We learn that the Left and Right Columns are united in the Central Column, Tiferet.


The letters Aleph Nun Yud אני and Vav Hei Vav והו ignite tremendous forces of energy that accomplish many wonderful things for us.

All the worlds - the Upper and Lower - are connected and united into one. The Three Columns - Right, Left and Central - are unified into one harmonious whole. This unification, which occurs through the power of the Central Column, eradicates our selfish impulses and desires. Opposite forces are now able to unite for the following reason: Our Desire to Receive is subjugated and then transformed into the Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing. Thus, our Receiving is given the form of sharing, which is identical to the imparting nature of the Light. In spiritual matters, like attracts like; and thus, we (and all the worlds) unite into a resplendent oneness, bringing healing and immortality to all existence.