Pinchas: Chapter 43

lighting on me as appeasement


From the words of Rabbi Shimon and Moses, as they continue speaking about Jacob's encounter with the angels, we come to understand that there were two camps, the daytime angels and the night time angels, and that Jacob could not see them at night. We also learn the difference between 'coming upon,' meaning appeasement, and 'lighting on,' meaning union. In the evening prayer, a person seeks for Adonai, the Shechinah, with entreaties, and he seeks for mercy from God.


Sexual connections between husband and wife are imbued with spiritual purpose and Light. The Upper and Lower worlds are wedded, allowing mercy and Light to permeate our existence. The Evil Inclination and the influences of wicked angels are abated. We can meditate to cleanse the world of negativity caused by improper sexual relationships, which are those that lack the correct spiritual intent. Moreover, we can meditate to awaken all the Light that has been generated by the intimate relations that took place between the great sages and their soulmates throughout history. This Light embodies the mystical forces associated with the evening prayer and now corrects the physical world of Malchut.