Pinchas: Chapter 50

At times they are silent and at times they are speaking


This section tells about the arrangement of speech in prayer. The title refers to the beasts of fire in Ezekiel's vision, and we hear that they are silent when God speaks, even as Yisrael should be quiet when the Torah is being read. Those who are silent during prayer and Halachah will receive the reward of understanding.


Understanding and truth blossom in our hearts and minds. The negative chatter, morbid thoughts, and self-destructive impulses that torment our mind are, at last, silenced. A quiet calm fills our being. The voice of the Creator will now be heard in our daily lives, speaking to us through our soul. It will be our intuition that forever guides us, as opposed to the chaotic rational consciousness that emanates from the side of the Evil Inclination.

In verse 315 the Zohar states: "For those who engage in the study of the Torah for its own sake, the waters of the Torah come forth for them corrected..." The water that comprises more than 65%?? of our body is now purified. Our cells flourish in this environment, engendering healing and well-being. This effect extends to the waters of our planet, which are corrected, healed, and purified. All water now possesses the properties of cleansing and healing!