Shemot: Chapter 45

"And against all the Elohim of Egypt I will execute Judgments!"


The discussion in this section encompasses the Judgments that God executed against the Egyptians. According to Rabbi Yochanan, when Moses spoke the words of the title verse, Dumah, the supernal minister of Egypt, ran in fear. His authority was taken from him and he was appointed as minister over Gehenom, to judge the souls of the wicked. After punishing the gods of Egypt, causing the Egyptian idols to melt or rot, God commanded the public desecration of the lamb, the chief Egyptian deity. He then punished the nation itself. Rabbi Shimon, son of Rabbi Yosi, then comments that the premonition of all these events is apparent in the Pharaoh's words, "Come, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it shall come to pass, when any war should chance..."


The negative influences of the stars, particularly of the lamb Aries, which represents the God of Egypt, are rescinded. The false icons and trappings of material existence are exposed for what they really are - temporary moments of pleasure at the cost of eternal fulfillment and joy. As our eyes dance across the Zohar's verses, billions of minds are awakened to the enduring and true fulfillment that is the Light of the Creator.

False gods that inhabit our world crumble as our eyes fall upon these verses. Deceptive temptations of our shallow material existence are banished from this world, freeing us to pursue and acquire unending spiritual joy and fulfillment. All our traits and impulses borne of our Evil Inclination are purged from our core being. All forms of corruption and crookedness that exist in our world are shattered forever, paving the way for eternal goodness and justice.