Tazria: Chapter 33

"Woe to him that builds his house by unrighteousness," part two


Rabbi Yitzchak follows a man with a load tied on his shoulders into a cave. Inside the cave he sees the man entering a hole in the ground and disappearing, so the Rabbi is afraid and leaves the cave. Rabbi Yehuda tells him that God has saved him from a cave of lepers and sorcerers that do witchcraft with black serpents. The rabbis encounter a man who is taking his son to the cave for healing; the son was harmed by a spirit in their house. We learn that the first to receive a house owns it forever, whether it be the spirit of holiness or the spirit of defilement. If the defiled house is destroyed it should be rebuilt slightly farther away with new materials, and it should be dedicated to the Holy Name. We now hear that the man who took his son to the cave for healing left his son for a moment, during which time the boy was hit on the head by a smoky column of fire and killed. Rabbi Elazar says that a man should speak the Holy Name over everything he does so that the Other Side will not dwell on it.