Tetzaveh: Chapter 17
"May the name of Hashem be blessed"

We learn that the secret of the title verse was revealed to Rabbi Yitzchak Kaftora in a dream. It means that the word "blessed," mevorach, begins hard but ends soft; this is like on Rosh Hashanah where it is hard with harsh Judgment, and on Shmini Atzeret where it is soft with joy. We read of the difference between the Upper Judgment that is Male, and the Lower Judgment that is Female; the latter begins hard but softens until it is joyful on the Eighth Day of Convocation. The Upper Judgment awakened on the day of the flood, but since then it has not dwelt upon the world because the world can not bear it even for a moment. It was the mercy of Hashem that saved the entire world from being destroyed. After this explanation the old sage reveals his identity - he is Nehorai Saba, and we learn that Nehorai means 'light'.