Tetzaveh: Chapter 16
"You shall dwell in booths"

We read that the title verse refers to the supernal world, Binah, and that this verse was said when the world was created. We read about the supernal Tabernacle formed as supernal Chochmah emerged from the unknown and unseen place, and of the lower Tabernacle, Malchut, that is like a lantern displaying light. Yisrael should sit under the shade of the Tabernacle of Peace in the secret of Faith. During Sukkot Malchut takes the souls of Yisrael and elevates them to Zeir Anpin, as she descends and holds all the blessings that Yisrael draw down during the whole seven days through the actions and sacrifices offered to her. Then on the eighth day she descends to be close to her children and make them happy; this is Shmini Atzeret, the Eighth Day of Convocation.