Toldot: Chapter 18
"In my distress I cried to Hashem, and He heard me"

We learn why Jacob's cunning in receiving Isaac's blessing was actually necessary to save the world from the same serpent that had earlier caused the fall of Adam. The Rabbis next give counsel on the meaning for all Yisrael of the multiple blessings given to Jacob and those given to Esau, both for the present and for the time of the coming of Messiah. The blessings given to Jacob are explained with respect to their meaning throughout history. These blessings act as portals through which particular blends of energy flow to mankind at the appropriate periods.

We also learn the central meaning of Jacob for Yisrael in a spiritual, historical context. Jacob, as the embodiment of Adam, encompasses the entire story of man. Jacob represents the complete drama of human existence, represented by the Sfirah of Tiferet. Specifically, this refers to the bringing together, in one place, of all that has happened and that will happen from the time of Adam to the final coming of the Messiah.

The section concludes with an apportioning of the blessings, each one in its appropriate time, in relation to the history of Yisrael and the coming of the end of the Correction of the souls of man.


Through the story of the children of Yisrael, we learn that the threads of the Torah are spiritually woven into the history of the world. We secure a powerful connection to Jacob, and in turn, to the ancient and timeless blessings that we presently need in order to hasten the final redemption. We awaken our awareness of the role and significance our lives play in the overall spiritual plan.