Toldot: Chapter 17
"The best clothes of her eldest son Esau"

In this section the Rabbis continue their analysis of events leading to Yitzchak's "mistaken" blessing of Jacob. They explain the origin of Esau's clothing, which was given by Rivkah to Jacob. In truth, Isaac was not deceived into believing Jacob was actually Esau. Jacob's clothing radiated a scent direct from the Garden of Eden. Isaac blessed Jacob because the garments emitted this holy aroma - not because he was deceived. Isaac realized that this fragrance could only accompany someone worthy of the blessing. Thus, we learn that Jacob embodied the power and soul of Adam. Rabbi Elazar describes the relationship of Jacob to Adam in terms of Jacob's beauty. This also illuminates his relationship to the realm of Binah.


Adam originally wore the garments mentioned above in the Garden of Eden -- hence, the garments' Divine scent when Jacob wore them. Jacob, we are told, is the embodiment of Adam, and his original clothes are returned to him by Rivkah. The Zohar is developing a lesson concerning a natural law: all things eventually return to their rightful owners. Nothing that truly belongs to us can ever really leave us. Whatever we lose, we never really had. This enlightened view of life is awakened within us. The scent of the Garden of Eden is infused within us, so that we emit this fragrance [Light] in our lives, wherever we go. People around us will sense this Light.