Toldot: Chapter 19
The Blessings

The Zohar expounds upon the blessings that were originally intended for Esau but deceitfully appropriated by Jacob.

Like all stories in scripture, this one is imbued with deeper meaning. In truth, the episode of "The Blessings" concerns the establishment of the universal spiritual system that mankind would utilize in its quest for transformation. The Patriarchs represent the various spiritual components that comprise the system. At this particular point in its development, a critical moment is at hand. The battle for dominion over the dimension of physicality is being determined. Thus, we learn that Jacob's "stealing" of the blessing away from his brother Esau, signifies the victory of the Light over the forces of darkness.

The Zohar then explicates upon the secret behind the blessing. Some blessings are to be utilized in the age before the End of Days, while other blessings are designated for the Final Redemption.


The power to triumph over dark forces within us, and those in our midst, is given to us through the Light of the Blessings that shine in the verses, revealing deeper, mystical truths.