Toldot: Chapter 2
"And Isaac was forty years old"

We learn that Rivkah, because she was "like the rose among thorns," countervails the harsh judgments of Abraham and Isaac. Next, Rabbi Yitzchak teaches the inner meaning of the marriage of Isaac to Rivkah, how she represents his opposite, and how their union provides the balance that sweetens the world.


"Thorns" signify the severe judgments that appear in our world. The "rose" represents the tenderness and beauty of life. Isaac [thorns] and Rivkah [the rose] are the vessels through which these spiritual forces are established. The key to any fulfilling relationship lies in a delicate balance between both qualities. A husband and wife bring their own particular attributes to a marriage. By harnessing the forces of Isaac and Rivkah, we create greater balance in all our human interactions, and particularly in our marital ties.