Toldot: Chapter 3
"And Isaac entreated..."

We are instructed in the prayer and spiritual actions practiced by Isaac in order for the child Jacob to be born. We see also how the Creator responded to Yitzchak's entreaties. This discussion enlightens us about the structure of prayer, and of how the prayers of the righteous allow the prayers of less good men to be heard. Next, the puzzling fact that Isaac loved Esau more than Ya'akov is explained in terms of its spiritual significance, the son of Abraham represents Left Column Energy, which expresses judgment. Esau, we're told, denotes this same negative force, which is an indication that Isaac has not yet learned to modify and balance the severity of his own judgment.


This powerful passage influences many areas of life, including the miracle of childbirth.

Though our own prayers might not have wings to ascend to the highest worlds, we can still contact the Upper Realms through the updraft created by the prayers of the righteous. Finally, the text points out that our tendency is to welcome and embrace people into our lives whose nature is similar to our own. In contrast, we're quick to pass judgment and distance ourselves from those who differ from us. This negative predisposition is weakened and abated so that we can live according to the principle, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."