Toldot: Chapter 5
The feast of the righteous in the future to come

Here the Rabbis discuss the shape of things to come - the time when the Creator will raise the dead. The discussion first centers on the physical nature of this event, then explores the question of the soul's place in heaven, along with its movement into a new body no longer made of dust. The feast that the Creator will prepare for His people are described in all its many levels of meaning, from mundane food and drink, to the meal of supernal splendor. This meal, we are told, includes no physical food or drink, and is the kind of meal that was eaten by Moses during his forty days and forty nights with the Creator. We learn, too, about who will partake of each kind of meal and what comprises the meals. The passage concludes with an inspiring vision of the future, which is described as begetting laughter and joy in the world.


As usual, the wisdom of the Zohar pertains to both cosmic and personal realms. The supernal feast of joy that awaits us in the future can be tasted today through a reflective reading of this passage. Moreover, our interaction with these holy verses helps hasten the universal redemption.