Trumah: Chapter 43

Betzalel knew the permutation of letters


In the book of Rabbi Hamnuna Saba (the elder), we learn here, it speaks of the two letters Chet ח and Tet ט, which are in the word for 'sin'. These letters are withheld from the tribes of Yisrael, so that they should not be marked with sin. In the tabernacle all the letters of the alphabet are engraved, as is the secret of the Holy Name, Yud Hei Vav Hei י.ה.ו.ה. (The Tetragrammaton). Betzalel, who knew the Wisdom of joining the letters with which heaven and earth were created, was chosen above by God, and was also chosen below. His name, we are told, means "In the shadow of El." We next read of the meaning of "The son of Uri" and of "the son of Chur," which has two explanations. Finally, we are told that Betzalel was appointed over the tribe of Judah.


The wisdom distilled here concerning the mystical letters Chet and Tet absolves us of our sins, from the time of Adam to the present moment, while finally doing away with our tendencies to err and commit transgressions. The four-letter Tetragrammaton י.ה.ו.ה., we are told, embodies all the secrets of Creation, the world above and the world below. Thus, the Light that permeates all reality now rejuvenates our soul and uplifts all existence. Our consciousness is liberated from the rational-based, self-centeredness of Satan - the Evil Inclination - by means of the Light of Binah (the son of Chur).