Trumah: Chapter 44

Blue, part two


All the colors are good if they are seen in a dream, except blue, because it is a throne for executing Judgment of the soul. When the person sees this blue, we learn, he becomes afraid and remembers all the commandments of his Master, and guards himself from sins for fear of the serpent. Therefore, there is blue in the tabernacle. Rabbi Isaac next asks about mercy, and Rabbi Shimon answers that the colors are improved when the cherubs turn their faces toward each other. At that time, even green turns to gold. When the colors are changed, Malchut transforms from Judgment to Mercy and from Mercy to Justice, all according to the changing of the colors.


The colors of Creation burst forth. And as they transmute into various shades, tones, and hues, so too does judgment transform into countless acts of the sweetest mercy towards all mankind. We acquire a deep-seated love for our neighbor as all of Malchut is corrected and transformed.