Tzav: Chapter 25

"All is of the dust"


Rabbi Elazar says that the dust is that found under the Holy Throne of Glory, Binah. Rabbi Yesa Saba said in his book that the dust is Malchut. The better explanation is that the dust is of the Holy Temple, Malchut, and that this dust is of the supernal dust from Binah because this world was created from Binah; even the sun was of the dust. Rabbi Shimon says that the Congregation of Yisrael is called a "kingdom of priests" because the priests made it a kingdom by drawing Chassadim upon it, and in it Chochmah is clothed with Chassadim so the kingdom then illuminates and rules. When united with Zeir Anpin she rules over all the King's treasures, over His armory, over the upper and lower, and over the whole world.