Tzav: Chapter 3

Whither does the cleaving of the wish rise up to?


Rabbi Shimon answers by saying that their devotion rises to the endless world. He speaks about the great mystery of the endless world, where there are no desires, no lights and no candles, and tells us that all the lights and candles in Atzilut depend on the endless world for their existence, but are not perceivable. No knowledge pertains to the endless world. When Chochmah and Binah rise by their illumination, only the odor is known, not the savor. Rabbi Shimon says that tzav is idolatry, and that Yisrael have tzav, the Other Side, at their disposal to separate it from holiness by means of the burnt sacrifice. The goal of the desire and prayer and sacrifice is to separate the Spirit of Defilement from Holiness.