Vaera: Chapter 4

"And I will bring you out...and I will deliver you...and I will redeem you"


Rabbi Yehuda tells us that, being the most important of the events, the exodus from Egypt is the first to be mentioned in the title verse. . But Rabbi Yosi thinks that the most important events are, "and I will deliver you" "and I will redeem you," because this meant the children of Yisrael would not be followed or harmed and they would be redeemed. Furthermore, Hashem promised to accept them as His people and bring them to the land of Yisrael.


This passage applies to each of us as individuals. Remembering God's promise to deliver us from any kind of servitude, to keep us safe, to bring us back to Himself and to give us a home, we can go through our days with renewed faith and (formatting) hope in our own futures.