Vayera: Chapter 1

"And Hashem appeared to him"


There were numerous moments in history when the goal of eternal peace and unending happiness for all mankind was within reach. Both Adam and Noah had the opportunity to cause universal change and bring about endless fulfillment. The Zohar likens the path to permanent peace to the creation and care of a garden. Adam is compared to the force that causes rain water to fall upon and nourish the land, and Noah represents a person who manufactures the tools needed to tend the garden. The appearance of Abraham in our world corresponds to the force that influences the flowers to grow and blossom. Now that Abraham's name includes the additional letter Hei ה, signifying the ritual of circumcision, he is now prepared to receive the great Light of the Creator as expressed through the Tetragrammaton יהוה, one of the holy Names of the Creator that radiates His spiritual energy.


The path to personal peace is an arduous process that each of us must endure. We can, however, accelerate this process through our connection to this portion. The Light of the Creator fills our soul through the merit and power of Abraham. The energy channeled through our Patriarch nurtures our soul, inspiring us to seek higher levels of spiritual growth. The strength to blossom in all our spiritual endeavors is revealed through the Light of these verses.