Vayera: Chapter 11

"And he said, 'I will certainly return to you'"


The Zohar expounds upon the Right Column aspect of Abraham and the Left Column aspect of Isaac in the metaphysical scheme of things. Both the Right and Left Columns of energy are basic building blocks in Creation, similar to the proton and the electron. This spiritual truth is conveyed through the Biblical story where Abraham names his son Isaac as opposed to the tradition of the mother naming the child. The story is a metaphor, indicating the importance of the Right and Left Column - the desire to share and the desire to receive, respectively.


Mankind's bavior always embodies a particular blend of the Right and Left columns of energy - our ego's desire to receive versus our soul's desire to share. We develop an awareness of the importance of the actions we take through the Right and Left Column pathways. This allows us to continually seek balance through the process of transforming our desire to receive for the self alone into actions of receiving for the sake of sharing with others.