Vayera: Chapter 10

"Her husband is known in the gates"


Rabbi Yehuda reveals a powerful secret, The Light of the Creator manifests itself in direct proportion to a person's degree of certainty in the reality of the Creator. If we doubt the existence of the Creator, there is no God force in our personal life. It is our consciousness that creates our existence. For this reason, it is only our absolute conviction and certainty that will bring forth the Creator's existence and influence in our lives, giving us an active role in the process of Creation.


All of us are born into this world with varying degrees of doubt in the existence of the Creator. Moreover, the essence of spiritual work and the notion of free will involves removing these layers of uncertainty throughout our life. Doubt, however, is a formidable foe requiring a large measure of certitude and conviction in return. Certainty in the existence of the Creator emerges from this passage, combined with a recognition in the power of our consciousness to influence and shape our reality.