Vayera: Chapter 12

"And the men rose up from there"


Before any negative occurrence befalls an individual, the Creator always sends us a gift. This gift is an opportunity to perform a positive action so that we can protect ourselves from any judgments decreed against us. This principle is concealed in the Biblical story of Abraham. The three angels were sent to Abraham by the Creator. When Abraham invites these three angels into his home, it is an act of true kindness. Consider Abraham's situation, He was one hundred years old, it was the third day after his circumcision, which is the most painful day, and the weather was unbearably hot. Nevertheless, Abraham put aside his own self interest and welcomed the three strangers [angels] into his home where he bathed and fed them. This positive action saved the life of Abraham's nephew, Lot, when the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were destroyed.


It is human nature to be governed by the primal instinct of self-survival. Yet, it is also uniquely human to put aside one's own needs in consideration of others, albeit, a much more difficult duty to perform. We are empowered with the strength to overcome our natural tendency to be self-absorbed in our own problems. We create the consciousness and awareness to recognize opportunities for sharing. In turn, our positive actions of sharing will give us the ability to overcome or circumvent difficult situations in life.