Vayera: Chapter 13

"Shall I hide from Abraham"


The Creator never allows any intense judgments to rain down upon Creation without first warning the righteous souls who dwell among mankind. This warning offers the righteous the opportunity to take the necessary positive measures to counteract decreed judgments. These righteous souls warn others and create opportunities for people to change their ways.


According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, positive actions of sharing are not founded upon the vague concepts of morals, ethics, or codes of right and wrong. Rather, there is a direct dividend to the doer of good deeds. Our charitable actions and positive behavior serve our own spiritual interests, particularly during times of great judgment. We are given the ability to recognize opportunities for sharing and spiritual change when we are preoccupied with our own hardships. An appreciation for the righteous living among us is awakened within our soul, furnishing us with greater protection from any negative events that might be looming over the horizon.