Vayera: Chapter 6

"Who shall ascend into the mountain of Hashem"


When an individual strives to understand his purpose in life and seeks the truth of the Creator, his soul will seek to reunite with the Light of the Creator upon leaving this world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of mankind journeys through this physical world without any inkling of its true purpose, or understanding as to the meaning of its existence. Consequently, a man who directs no effort towards spiritual enlightenment and blindly pursues the material world, will automatically seek the path of negativity when he leaves his physical existence. The paths of the spiritual world mirror the pathways we forge in the physical world.


There are definite negative blockages within our consciousness that repress our intrinsic desire to seek the meaning of our existence and purpose in life. By helping to remove these impediments, the words and wisdom of this passage stimulate us to pursue the truth of our being. A well-known Kabbalistic principle states that the more we seek to comprehend our purpose and the reality of the Creator, the more spiritual Light we receive.