Vayera: Chapter 5

"And, lo, three men"


As the white light of the sun refracts into the seven colors of the rainbow, the spiritual Light of the Creator refracts into many "colors" that express all His various attributes. Kabbalistically, physical light is merely a lower frequency of the spiritual Light of the Creator. This infinite, all-inclusive Light of the Creator includes a variety of frequencies and spectrum of colors, ranging from the green blades of grass to the purple hues of interstellar gases radiating from distant galaxies. Everything in the cosmos represents another color frequency in the spectrum of Creation, including the four kingdoms of inanimate, vegetable, animal, and mankind, as well as intangible forces, such as mercy, judgment, pleasure, truth, and fulfillment. Colors also manifest within angels. The angel Michael, who represents the positive Right Column Force of Sharing, radiates the color white. The angel Gabriel, who represents the Left Column Force of Receiving and the negative principle in our universe, radiates the color red. The angel Raphael represents the Central Column Energy of Balance and illuminates the color green. These three colors illustrate the unique function and role that each angel plays in the ongoing process of creation. Michael is the conduit for the energy of general blessings. Gabriel is the portal through which the force of judgment enters our world. Raphael channels the spiritual energy of healing.


When we become aware that the Creator manifests His attributes physically, inanimately, and as intangible forces, we have the opportunity to connect to each of the spiritual frequencies spoken of in this portion. The influence of these forces in our personal life is augmented when we understand their purpose and relevance in the world.