Vayeshev: Chapter 21
"His master's wife cast her eyes"

This section pointedly reminds us that we must constantly be on guard to avoid being led astray by the Evil Inclination. As the Accusers assail man daily, he must cleave to the dimension and Sfirah known as Gvurah to become mightier than the Evil Inclination. As the rabbis point out, Joseph exemplifies this endeavor. He exposed himself to unfounded accusations because of the enormous care he took over his personal appearance. The rabbis next address the importance of guarding and preserving the Holy Covenant. The Covenant, we are told, upholds heaven and earth. When it is properly guarded, God showers the world with blessings, but if God's judgment finds the world full of wicked people, heaven and earth will dry up and their natural, life-sustaining functions will cease.


A reading of this section strengthens our resistance to evil and vain impulses, and steels our resolve to pursue positive change, for the sake of our soul and for all humankind. The collective intolerant, self-centered actions of man can become so great that they create a mass of negativity that literally blocks the Light from flowing into our world. Our connection to this passage helps dissolve this blockage, to allow the penetration of the Light.