Yitro: Chapter 14

"And Moses went up to Elohim"


This section offers several interpretations of "And Moses went up to Elohim and Hashem called to him out of the mountain, saying." One explanation is that Moses went up to the place where the Shechinah's wings are outspread. The discussion turns to the issue of perfection, and we hear that there is always awe or dread when in the presence of the perfection of all. The title verse is then applied first to Moses, then to God, and finally to the four bonds of earth, air, fire and water. Rabbi Shimon hears Rabbi Yesa tell of a dream in which Rabbi Yesa finally remembered and understood that Chochmah was above, Tiferet below, and Malchut the Sanctuary of God that lay between them. The last interpretation reminds us that whoever comes to be purified is always assisted.