Acharei Mot: Chapter 37

Nefesh and Ruach


Rabbi Shimon tells Rabbi Aba that just as the Nefesh and Ruach cling to the body who loves them, man must love God and cling to Him, as the love of the soul and spirit. Men who rise every night to study the Torah will be blessed with God's love. The righteous ones, whose spirits and souls cling to God with the proper love, will rule on the earth below, and what they decree for the world will happen. We learn that when the holy souls come from above and the righteous of the world draw them through mating, there are very few that merit it. From the very beginning the souls of the great righteous ones have stood before God who watches them until it is time for them to come into a body; they deserve to ascend to heaven while they are still alive, like Elijah and Enoch. The levels of the souls of the righteous are greater than the angels, and they come down in every generation, in the future God will renew the world with them.